Attract Talent with Reliable Group Health Insurance in Virginia

If you own a business, then you probably realize the challenge that it can be to attract and retain qualified employees.  While most potential candidates are looking for stable positions and an attractive company culture/environment, one of the biggest selling points of really good talent is being able to offer them benefits.  Of these “benefits”, health insurance is usually the most coveted.

CA joins new health care group, eyes big savings Image

So is providing this for your employees really a good option?  The truth is, owners too can reap the benefits of getting group health insurance in Virginia in the form of significant savings accrued down the line. For instance, a school board featured in a Carbondale News article is expected to save a large sum in their first year alone just by joining a health care group:

“Carbondale Area School Board is expecting to reap substantial savings, perhaps as much as $722,000 in the first year alone, by joining a new health care consortium. During a special meeting on Saturday afternoon, March 29, the board voted unanimously to leave the Northeastern Educational Intermediate Unit’s consortium.  Carbondale Area will be joining Benecon, located in Lititz, Pa., and become part of the Public School Health Insurance Cooperative (PSHIC).

Under the new plan, district employees will see no change in their coverage, which will remain with Blue Cross of Northeastern Pennsylvania.

Michael Cummings of Cummings Insurance Agency in Dunmore, the district’s insurance consultant, said the PSHIC consortium is “more equitable.”

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(Article Excerpt and Image from “CA Joins New Health Care Group, Eyes Big Savings”,  Carbondale News, April 9, 2014)