Why Group Health Insurance Matters

Employee health care is one of a business’s main responsibilities, not only because it is mandated by law, but also because employee health affects productivity. People are and always will be a company’s best asset. This is why securing group health insurance is an essential step towards ensuring smooth business […] Read more »

Attract Talent with Reliable Group Health Insurance in Virginia

If you own a business, then you probably realize the challenge that it can be to attract and retain qualified employees.  While most potential candidates are looking for stable positions and an attractive company culture/environment, one of the biggest selling points of really good talent is being able to offer […] Read more »

Get Ahead with Your Family’s Life Plan: Talk to a Financial Advisor in Maryland

When each of your children turn another year older, have you found yourself thinking of ways to keep your family financially secure, especially as you get older? Do you have a plan going? With all the demands and decisions that you face on a daily basis, you might unintentionally forget […] Read more »

The Price of Health: Settling Fair and Complete VA Employee Benefits

An article on the Inc.com website released last December 16, 2013 discusses the sensitive topic of employee health benefits. Due to the impending enforcement of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (unofficially dubbed “Obamacare”), many workers have become concerned about paying higher premiums just to retain their health insurance […] Read more »