Retirement Planning


Retirement planning involves more than rolling over a 401(k) and investing in mutual funds; it enables you to realize your dreams. The amount of money you plan to spend during your retirement years shapes your retirement planning, but there are numerous other variables to consider: ever-increasing health care costs, a rising cost of living, uncertain Social Security benefits, longer life expectancies and more.

Gain the Confidence of Sound Retirement Planning

At Financial Brokerage Services, you’ll find our financial advisors in Maryland, DC and Northern Virginia are eager to help you establish a personalized plan to comfortably carry you through your retirement years. Whether you are preparing for a retirement that’s decades ahead, nearing retirement or living in retirement, we’ll guide you to solutions in keeping with your investment goals, risk tolerance and timeframe.

The experts at Financial Brokerage Services can help you:

  • Project your needs for retirement and survivor income.
  • Analyze all sources of retirement income.
  • Create an investment plan that addresses short- and long-term objectives.
  • Maximize tax-deferred or tax-free savings growth.
  • Lock in a steady retirement income.
  • Minimize tax implications.
  • Monitor investment progress over time and adjust as needed.

Safe, Comfortable & Tailored to Your Retirement Dreams
Financial Brokerage Services has access to a vast array of resources to assist you as you develop personal retirement strategies. Contact our financial advisors in Maryland at (301) 320-2000 for more information about our retirement planning services.