Securities Brokerage


As one of the most experienced financial advisors in Maryland, Financial Brokerage Services works differently to meet the investing goals of our clients with strategic securities brokerage services primarily focused on retirement plans (401(k), profit sharing and money purchase plans), IRAs, 529 college savings plans, as well as personal investments for individuals with discretionary income/savings. Our principals conduct independent market research on stocks and mutual funds, make objective investment recommendations, and execute the purchase, sale and transfer of securities.
As a Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) representative, we can:

  • Make investment recommendations which you execute on your own behalf.

    For example, you have a Schwab brokerage account and prefer to make your own trades.

    As another example, you may have a 401(k) account with your employer, but do not receive investment guidance or do not trust the investment recommendations the 401(k) plan provider gives. Let us perform in-depth research on the securities offered in your plan. We’ll then complete a retirement planning analysis and make recommendations accordingly.

  • Make investment recommendations, and handle the sale and/or purchase of securities.

    As part of a financial plan involving retirement or college education savings, we can provide a turnkey approach which includes setting up accounts, advising which securities to buy and executing the trades.

Knowledge to Help You Efficiently Manage Your Investments
Whether giving investment advice to individual clients or handling all investment selection for an employer-sponsored retirement plan, our expert financial advisors in Northern Virginia and Maryland always work hard to give our clients the edge. Contact Financial Brokerage Services, Inc. at (301) 320-2000 for a quote on any investment service.